Monday, January 26, 2009

Don Kingfisher Campbell


sun in the sky
filtered through bands
of blue and white

land all a round
mountains frame (surround)
rock strewn plain

worshippers gather
citizens of earth
stand with branches

outstretched take
in periodic warmth
between collected tears

even rocks seem
to enjoy the hours
of light reflection

(effortlessly provide
shadows for respite
from constant brilliance)

through the unseen
companion who fills
space around us

we grow up and die
reseed the soil keep
the ceremony going

1 comment:

  1. X-cellent, takes me back to that scorching semptember afternoon a few moons ago which gave birth to this poem... even started to sweat a bit...

    is everbody in?... the ceremony is about to begin (all over again)....