Monday, January 26, 2009

Jeffry Jensen


I wanted lawn to here and
rose bushes to there and
ivy in the corner to
cover the neighbor's wall
where it was more holes
than sturdy structure.
A perfect order was within
my grasp if only I were made of
the sterner stuff necessary to
control a backyard with
living things needing to be
trimmed on a Tuesday and
fed on alternate Fridays.
From my porch, I could imagine
a satisfactory resolution fit for
the prince of a man that I saw
myself as after a dry martini or two.
But in the blink of a dying
bloom, I was presented with
enough ivy to give cover to
generations of mice and all of
the nocturnal beetles from
across the vast divide.
My perfect order went missing in
action and left me with
lawn somewhere and rose bushes
nowhere to be found and ivy
everywhere in between the
devil and the deep dark chaos
that seems to drive all of creation.

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