Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katherine Norland


The moist earth squishes between my toes;
After rainfall, sneak out barefoot, no one knows.
This is a place of calm, a place that I can connect
To this earth I take for granted and I always expect.

Itʼs not that it desires for us to give back;
One thing it doesnʼt deserve our constant attack.
We spill toxic waste and pull up all its plant and trees;
And then complain about the ozone and the air we breathe.

Earth can replenish itself, it has for thousands of years;
But rain that once could be drunk, is now acid rain tears.
Why arenʼt we better stewards of what the Creator gave;
Does every mountain, valley and forest need to be paved?

God made this earth, nature and animals to enjoy
That I donʼt believe He intended for us to blatantly destroy.

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