Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Michelle Angelini


waves embrace the coast
they are an infinite surging and revisiting dance
like thoughts flowing through two minds
across the ocean-cleansed horizon

a hushed gull sits placidly in a man’s
musing presence neither approaching nor fearing
one whose kind compromises environmental balance
in his game of progress ignorant of consequences
beyond the horizon

bird can see from heights
where man cannot soar without help
the view from the wharf is limited
and as they share this momentary companionship

silhouetted against sundown the less intelligent
species doesn’t care about advancement
only finding the next fish to ease its hunger

1 comment:

  1. from Phil Turner:

    That's a good poem. I take light issue only with the way the man in it has been dealt with. I do not think that we will ever be powerful enough even to put a dent in the vast carapace of this planet. We are busily destroying each other and therefore ourselves. Nor is there a question in my mind that the gull is the more intelligent of the two species, as it lives in clear accord with the way of nature and has thus mastered the art of thinking without mind (The school of No-Mind Zen philosophy).