Sunday, May 30, 2010

Helen Graziano



Walking you see
All things bright and beautiful
I saunter, jog, stroll, surge
Head up, shoulders back
When I walk I whisper
Then jog a pace
Watch each bird and beachcomber
Working at serenity
Perch on every lonely bench


Along the bay, stiff breezes
Skein the horizon
The boats beckon
Names awaken me (Monikers astound)
Salmon stalker, Tuscan, Sea Dove
Docked in dark bay water
Could I be a stowaway
With seawater swimming in my eyes


Old Woman squats,
In a muddy marsh on her bum
In jeans and plaid shirt, lavender shoes
Sprawled by a clean-up bag
I’m weeding - she said
As I peered closer
How much do they pay you?
Don’t be silly, she replied
Her fingers occupied
With assiduously plucking
At each reed
Twas Beach front karma, I thought
An environmental angel
With halo
By Thoreau

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