Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helen Graziano



My wedding ring slipped--
between mollusks and puka shells
between the rocks and hardened lava-—
Lodging in lovely waters near a crab


Manta rays have nipples
They were mermaids the natives said
Madame Pele rules--
Curses for removing bits of paradise
Better to remove your inhibitions

At sunset we emerged like butterflies
Cooing and clustering--Holding drinks
in coconut shells--
we snorkelled swam skin dived-—cutting treasures
from sacred waters)

With a knife
I sliced a piece of coral
A prized protusion—-cerebral coral
Man is the intrusion midst
golden Tang, the scorpion fish, the elegant eel

(sunlight spilling)
All afternoon we lingered
In a disheveled bed of coral sheets
diet succulent and succinct
Oysters anemones, upper crust-aceans

Speared the spirit that afternoon--the elegant eel
Put on a chopping board and sliced
Itsy bitsy pieces
Savored like success
Saucy salt smell of the sea
Delicious fated delicacy

Lashed to the magic isle like a limpet to a rock
My wedding ring forever lost with a slice of knife
Coral replaced my marital bliss-—
a treasured pleasure in Paradise