Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alison McKenzie

Autumn 2011

Crisp wind tugs at tenacious anchors;
... The dregs of chlorophyll
Faded to golds, reds, and rust.

They cling with anticipation;
A fated, final dance
Teases on the flutter,
Waxes, wanes.

Piles of the exhausted
Stir in death’s slumber,
Their applause hushed
By their climactic conclusions.

Soon I will gather
The delicate cadavers
For burial,
But for now, I recline -
Suffused in the earthen tones
Of their scent receding.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lalo Kikiriki

loving the rain

the rain loves you
it wants you to lie in the bed
it gives you that
pure gray light to read by,
under the quilt,
until it can push your head
back onto the pillow
and love you some more...
it whispers: no weeding today
no walk to the market
no planting tulip bulbs
no painting in plein air –
the rain loves you
back to sleep;
you can hate yourself later
for wasting half your day,
loving the rain

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mediha F. Saliba


She is the music muse that protects

insects whose distinct rhythms
echo in all countries,

songbirds whose long pulsing runs
help the sun to rise and the moon to grow full,

whales whose haunting descants
have lullabied the sea and whispered to sailors.

But man, busy with information is deafened by
the hum of swiftly moving technology.

He has let Calliope topple from her pedestal,
a relic to old beliefs, forgetting

man is not the audience
but rather a member of her orchestra.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steven R. Kutcher


(179 old Oaks and 72 Sycamore trees in the Arcadia woodland were bulldozed Jan 13, 2011 to make room for dirt that could have been put elsewhere.)

Who speaks for the trees...

Garlands of galls delicately strung on Coast Live Oaks
Wrens and Doves sing their soothing songs above tail-wagging deer
Hummingbirds flit among the Sugar Bush and Penstemon
Whoooo speaks for the trees?
Owls that sing to waltzing bears in moonlight dreams

Who speaks for the trees...

Not the neighbor who said,
“If it becomes a choice between trucks carrying dirt and trees
Then the trees have got to go”
Not the elderly man who said, “No one sees the trees”
Not the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors who read death notices of voters
While people had only sixty seconds to speak passionately to save the woodland
The Board said, It's a public safety issue and the trees must be removed
The next day they cut trees down into the pernicious night

Who speaks for the trees...

The people that speak for children who can't speak
Woodland walkers who lingered among the butterflies
Those that climbed those trees to defend them from the bulldozers might
The natural beauty of this woodland took hundreds of years to be born
Perished in a day under death machines

Who speaks for the trees...

Farewell, the sky is falling and the land lies barren
The Board of Supervisors makes promises daily
The leaves will not drift from the ancient trees this Fall
You must tell the children
You must speak for the trees