Monday, September 17, 2012

Petrouchka Alexieva

Peach Trees

On both sides of a country road
Peach trees are covered with blossoms;
Little pink stars are spinning down
Dancing and gilding the ground.
Making scented beautiful blanket.
The branches shimmer up in the air
The breeze is shaking silver dust.
Blossoms are heavy with honey nectar,
Bees are running into the golden centers
Cheering, gathering it very fast.
Birds are busy attracting partners,
Singing songs of passion and love
Than jumping into the glossy petals
Taking their morning cheerful bath.
Hummingbirds are twitting around.
I grabbed a brush to paint the picture
Just right there in a morning zephyr
Taking colors from Mother Nature
Writing songs from the singing trees
Admiring such blissful perfection.
                                        Did I succeed?